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Watch The Pact II 2014 Online

A woman who is plagued by nightmares involving a serial killer learns her dreams have a horrifying connection to the real world.

Watch The Girl He Met Online 2014 Online

A man's relationship with a bipolar woman becomes dangerous.

Watch Maigret's Dead Man 2016 Online

Maigret plunges into the murky Parisian underworld.

Watch Neverlake 2013 Online

On a trip home to visit her father, Jenny is thrown into a world of mystery, horror and legend when she is called upon by 3000 year old spirits of the Neverlake to help return their lost artifacts and save the lives of missing children.

Watch Altar 2014 Online

Artist Alec Hamilton, his wife Meg and their children Penny and Harper move into the bleak and isolated Radcliffe Hall in Yorkshire, which Meg is refurbishing for an American client. Penny believes she sees a ghost in one of Meg's photos of the house and later claims that a ghostly young woman tried to get into bed with her.

Watch The Midnight After 2014 Online

A night like any other in the streets of Hong Kong: in the midst of the tangle of night-owls, cars and vendors, a group of passengers climb aboard a minibus that is to take them from Mongkok to Tai Po.

Watch What If... 2012 Online

An... (original title), Athens - Greece - The age of Economic crisis Demetris is a highly independent man who lives a normal life...

Watch Barfi! 2012 Online

Three young people learn that love can neither be defined nor contained by society's norms of normal and abnormal.

Watch Atlas Shrugged II: The Strike 2012 Online

Railroad owner Dagny Taggart and steel mogul Henry Rearden search desperately for the inventor of a revolutionary motor as the U.S. government continues to spread its control over the national economy.

Watch Crawlspace 2012 Online

A special forces unit sent, to infiltrate Pine Gap Australia's top secret underground military compound, come under attack from unknown forces.

Watch Gone 2012 Online

A woman is convinced her kidnapper has returned when her sister goes missing.

Watch When the Bough Breaks 2016 Online

A surrogate mom for a couple becomes dangerously obsessed with the soon-to-be father.