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Watch Milius 2013 Online

The life story of ‘Zen Anarchist’ filmmaker John Milius, one of the most influential storytellers of his generation.

Watch No Half Measures: Creating the Final Season of Breaking Bad 2013 Online

A documentary about the making of season five of the acclaimed AMC series Breaking Bad.

Watch The Punk Singer 2013 Online

A look at the life of activist, musician, and cultural icon Kathleen Hanna, who formed the punk band Bikini Kill and pioneered the "riot grrrl" movement of the 1990s.

Watch Freakonomics 2010 Online

Some of the world's most innovative documentary filmmakers will explore the hidden side of everything.

Watch African Safari 2013 Online

A unique documentary that will lead the audience from Namibia to Kilimanjaro to explore the African wildlife.

Watch Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship & Videotape 2010 Online

A documentary analyzing the furore which so-called "video nasties" caused in Britain during the 1980s.

Watch Vers Madrid! (The Burning Bright) 2012 Online

This film is a newsreel, which presents some views, scenes and mo-ments of the class struggle in Madrid. The “Movimiento 15-M” is the first major “movement” in the beginning of the 21st century. A deep movement, trans-border and trans-historical which reactivates and works ideas and concepts that were long thought to be forgotten: demos, logos, revolution ...

Watch Kaz: Pushing the Virtual Divide 2014 Online

This film is about drive. It’s about the passion and creative drive of Kazunori Yamauchi, the architect behind Gran Turismo’s birth and breath-taking fifteen-year evolution.

Watch Captivated: The Trials of Pamela Smart 2014 Online

In an extraordinary and tragic American story, a small town murder becomes one of the highest profile cases of all time. From its historic role as the first televised trial to the many books and movies made about it, the film looks at the media’s enduring impact on the case.

Watch Obra 67 2014 Online

Después de pasar 20 años encerrado, el célebre ladrón de chalets, Juan el Candela, sale de prisión y se reúne con su hijo Juan “el Chispa” y su amigo Cristo. Mientras que el Candela se intenta adaptar al cambiado mundo con el que se encuentra, su hijo planea conseguir dinero para cumplir su sueño musical utilizando a su idolatrado padre como referencia.

Watch The Great Invisible 2014 Online

Penetrating the oil industry's secretive world, The Great Invisible examines the Deepwater Horizon disaster through the eyes of oil executives, explosion survivors and Gulf Coast residents who were left to pick up the pieces when the world moved on

Watch The Last of the Unjust 2014 Online

A place: Theresienstadt. A unique place of propaganda which Adolf Eichmann called the "model ghetto", designed to mislead the world and Jewish people regarding its real nature, to be the last step before the gas chamber. A man: Benjamin Murmelstein, last president of the Theresienstadt Jewish Council, a fallen hero condemned to exile, who was forced to negotiate day after day from 1938 until the e...