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Watch Priorities 2014 Online

After a plane crash, a young man and his dog, who are stranded on an deserted island, must bond together in order to survive the elements.

Watch Confissões de Adolescente: O Filme 2014 Online

The social lives of four coming-of-age sisters are shaken when they discover they are moving - to another neighborhood.

Watch The Jungle 2012 Online

A comedy about funny adventures of the married couple on the remote island.

Watch Le Grimoire d'Arkandias 2014 Online

Theo discovers a book about magic at the local library. In order to save his mother from wrongful accusations, Theo teams up with his friend Bonnav and Laura, to make a magic ring that allows the wearer to become invisible. Along comes trouble when he is stuck in the state of invisibility due to three petty criminals. They then meet a strange man called Arkandias who helps them.

Watch Götz von Berlichingen 2014 Online

Als Götz von Berlichingen Kisten mit Goldmünzen des französischen Königs erbeutet, wird ihnen die Brisanz ihres Fundes erst klar, nachdem sie sicher ihre Burg erreicht haben. Inzwischen manipuliert Adelheid Götz' alten Freund, der den Raubritter in eine Falle locken soll, um den Schatz zurückzuholen. Im Kampf verliert Götz seine rechte Hand - er überlebt nur mit Hilfe der geheimnisvollen Heilerin ...

Watch Vittima degli Eventi 2014 Online

Adele is suffering from a terrifying recurring dream; a dream that often borders on reality, and even enters it in the form of horrible visions which climax during an evening stroll in the center of Rome. The medical findings don't reveal anything noteworthy and her brother, who was with her that evening, is diagnosed with a simple seizure. Faced with a general skepticism, Adele has no other choic...

Watch The Old Man 2012 Online

This is a survival story - a Hemingway's 'Old Man and the Sea' as if written for our days.

Watch Lila 2014 Online

Lila is a dreamy girl who can't resign to accept reality as flat as she perceives it, hence she uses her imagination and her skills to modify it.

Watch Threads of Destiny 2014 Online

94 years after The Battle of Yavin, the New Republic has been resurrected and democracy once again rules the galaxy. The Jedi Order is reestablished on the planet Yavin 4, and has continued to train new Jedi Knights in the art of peace and justice. But all is not peaceful in this new world. With the fall of the Dark Empire, the ancient Skenvi Empire now comes out of the shadow to make its move. Th...

Watch Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker 2014 Online

The Dream World is an alternate universe created by humankind's shared unconscious thoughts. When Poet Anderson journeys deep into this world, he meets his Dream Walker, a mysterious guardian angel who leads Poet to confront his demons and his destiny.

Watch Treasures O.K. 2013 Online

Kirill and Gulnara are looking for the legendary treasure of Ivan Grozny... Maybe they will find it, maybe not - but they will definitely find each other.

Watch Fidelio, Alice's Odyssey 2014 Online

Alice is a sailor. While her partner Félix waits for her on land, she sets off as second mechanic on the Fidelio, an old freighter. On board, she discovers not only that her predecessor has just died, but also that the skipper is none other than the first great love of her life. Alice finds a notebook in her cabin, apparently that of the former mechanic, and on reading its contents – accounts of m...